Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Plate

Model Number:Stainless Steel Plate Application:high temperature applications Steel Grade:301L, S30815, 301, 304N, 310S, S32305, 410, 204C3, 316Ti, 316L, 441, 316, L4, 420J1, 321, 410S, 410L, 436L, 443, LH, L1, S32304, 314, 347, 430, 309S, 304, 439, 204C2, 425M, 409L, 420J2, 436, 445, 304L, 405, 370, S32101, 904L, 444, 301LN, 305, 429, 304J1, 317L Technology:Hot Rlloed Material:Steinless Steel Color:Natural Color Place of Origin: China

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Corrosion resistance Stainless steel plate is resistant to corrosion by acid, alkaline gas, solution and other media. So the ability to resist corrosion is very strong. anti-oxidation Stainless steel plates have strong high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, but the oxidation rate of stainless steel is also affected by external environment and other factors. Although stainless steel is called stainless steel, it does not mean that they will never rust. Because stainless steel can be used in various fields, such as automobiles, aerospace, and housing construction. Therefore, the development of stainless steel plate has laid an important material and technical foundation for the development of modern industry and scientific and technological progress. Then when purchasing steel plates, it is recommended that you choose a large and reliable manufacturer, so that the quality can be guaranteed.
Type stainless steel plate
Standard ASTM A269/A249
Material 304 / 304L / 316L / 321 / 317L/2205 /625/ 285/ 2507
Process cutting
Application Stainless steel is mainly used where corrosion resistance is required and is also used for decoration.
The difference between 401 stainless steel and 304 is the thickness. 304 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel, 401 series is martensitic stainless steel, the former is not magnetic, the latter is magnetic. 401 is a type of 400 series stainless steel. Generally speaking, 304 is better for rust and corrosion resistance. In some special places, 401 is better than 304. For example, some places require a higher level in India but do not need good rust resistance. , you can choose to use 401 at this time. In daily life, there are also many things to pay attention to when using stainless steel. For example, remember to cook or store acidic food in the stainless steel pot during use, otherwise, the acid in the acidic food will cause some ingredients in the stainless steel pot. Be sure not to use stainless steel to cook traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine contains some bad ingredients, so don't choose this kind of utensil to cook. In the process of using stainless steel, remember to burn it empty, because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel pots is lower than that of other materials, and the heat conduction is relatively slow. Aging greatly affects service life.First, according to the classification of use, there are armor, automobile, roofing, electrician, spring steel plate, etc. Second, according to the steel classification, there are martensitic, ferritic, austenitic steel plates, etc. Third, according to the thickness classification, there are four kinds of special thick plate, thick plate, medium plate and thin plate. First of all, stainless steel has a wide range of uses and is very common in our daily life, mainly including armor, automobile, roofing, electrician, spring steel plate, etc. The most common of which is automobile steel plate, which is mainly used to protect the chassis of the car, and also Do some machining of the frame body structure. Secondly, the types of steel plates are rich and varied, mainly including martensitic, ferritic, austenitic steel plates, etc. Among them, austenitic steel plates also derive an austenitic-ferritic steel plate, which makes the whole The quality of the steel plate has risen to a higher level. Finally, the most common problem in purchasing steel plates is the thickness of the steel plate, which also determines its quality. There are mainly four kinds of steel plates: extra-thick plate, thick plate, medium plate and thin plate.

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