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Classification: stainless steel coil is divided into spiral coil, U-shaped pipe, serpentine pipe, etc Advantages: it has high temperature steam resistance, impact corrosion resistance, anti scaling, not easy to stain, oxidation corrosion resistance, etc. Specification: Generally 8 to 25mm in diameter, 0.6 to 2.0mm in thickness of the plate or mosquito coil coil bent pipe. Application: chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electric power, textile, rubber, food, medical equipment, aviation, aerospace, communications, petroleum and other industrial fields.

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Stainless steel coil is a thin coiled tube with a diameter of 0.5~20mm and a thickness of 0.1~2.0mm. The material is basically food grade 304 stainless steel and sanitary grade 316 stainless steel; Foshan Gangzheng stainless steel coil is mainly divided into electric heating tube and cooling pipes. Electric heating pipes are mainly used in petrochemical, electric power, nuclear industry, medicine, food and other industries; cooling pipes are used in beverages, beer, milk, water supply systems, medical equipment, etc. Commonly used in the market are stainless steel super-long coils, U-shaped tubes, pressure tubes, heat exchange tubes, and fluid tubes. The advantages of stainless steel coil are high temperature steam resistance, low temperature resistance, impact corrosion resistance, scaling resistance, oxidation corrosion resistance, cost saving, uniform pipe wall, and the wall thickness is only 50%~70% of copper pipe, but the overall thermal conductivity is better than Copper tubes are ideal components for heat exchange equipment and cooling equipment.Food grade stainless steel coil is a kind of coiled or mosquito coiled elbow, its diameter is φ5-φ25mm, and its thickness is 0.5--2.0mm. Because of its high temperature resistance, anti-scaling, anti-oxidative corrosion, and long service life, it is widely used in coffee machines, water heaters, beer machines, beverage machines, refrigerators and other electrical appliances. Features of food grade stainless steel coil: (1) The tube wall is uniform, the wall thickness is only 50-70% of the copper tube, and the overall thermal conductivity is better than that of the copper tube; (2) High temperature steam resistance, impact corrosion resistance, ammonia corrosion resistance; (3) Anti-scaling, not easy to stain, anti-oxidative corrosion; (4) Long service life, reduce maintenance time and save costs; (5) The selected materials are safe and hygienic and will not release toxic substances; (6) The pipe installation has good processability, can be directly replaced, and is safe and reliable. It is an ideal heat exchange product for the renovation of old units and the manufacture of new equipment.
Type Stainless Coiled tube
Standard ASTM A269/A249
Material 304 / 304L / 316L / 321 / 317L/2205 /625/ 285/ 2507
Process Welded and cold drawn
Application Stainless steel coil for industrial use: heat exchanger, boiler, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, etc.Stainless steel coil for mechanical structure: printing and dyeing, printing, textile machinery, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, automobile and ship accessories, construction and decoration, etc. Stainless steel bright coil: welded by stainless steel strip and then reduce the wall, reduce the wall from thick to thin, this process can make the wall thickness uniform, smooth, and reduce the wall tensile pipe wall to form the effect of no weld.
Specification 3.175-50.8MM*0.2-2.5MM
Diameter 3.175mm-50.8mm
Thickness 0.2MM-2.5MM
Length 100mm-3000/coil or as customer’s requirement
1. Wipe it off with a rag every two weeks; 2. The process determines its limited performance. Generally, the precision of seamless steel pipes is low: uneven wall thickness, low brightness inside and outside the pipe, high cost of sizing, and there are pits and black spots on the inside and outside that are not easy to remove; it can be cleaned with water. 3. Detection and shaping must be processed offline. Therefore, it reflects its superiority in terms of high pressure, high strength, and mechanical structural materials. The stainless steel coil must not be scrubbed with alcohol! 4. The material of the coil will undergo elastic and plastic strain under the action of flow force. If the stress is large enough, the stainless steel coil will break. Clean up the stainless steel coil and pay attention to the interface. 5. Do not let the coils catch the acid medium; stainless steel will corrode when encountering acid medium.

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